Ballet Diet 

Ballet Diet

Being a ballet dancer requires a high level of fitness and physical flexibility attainable only through the correct exercise discipline coupled with a healthy, nutritious diet. The sensible dancers already know this and do what they can to keep their bodies in tip top condition from the outside in as well as from the inside out.

This section of the website focuses on the inside out side of good physical health which is created by eating the right things and avoiding the wrong ones.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

ballet dietA big side of maintaining a healthy weight and a slim, lithe and flexible body is in eating a healthy diet. The point is hammered home in a multitude of health publications, magazines and websites, so why do so many people still opt for a giant hamburger with a large portion of fries instead of a good, wholesome, home cooked meal made with fresh ingredients like fresh meat or fish and vegetables?

Part of the reason for this can be laid fairly and squarely at the feet of the advertising machine. Fast food, or junk food is often heavily advertised as being desirable, tasty and something to be seen eating that will give you more street cred than eating at home with the family.

The huge burger franchises, pizza take out companies and the like make no attempt to conceal the fact that they go about promoting their food to whomever they believe will most readily accept it as the cool way to eat. That usually means targeting kids, teens and young adults.

Smart Dancers

The smartest ballet dancers, be they kids, teens and anyone else for that matter will of course see right through the glossy, tempting ads that play on your desires and emotions. But most don't and are lured into eating an unhealthy diet made up chiefly of this junk food which is mostly empty calories, high in saturated fats, salt, sugar and artificial additives with very little in the way of nutrients or dietary fiber.

In contrast to this downward spiral into an almost guaranteed future of ill health, shunning the fast food joints and takeaway parlours in favor of eating mom's home cooked meals that are full of goodness will turn your health prospects around and promote a healthy future. A big part of the problem is getting mom to re-learn the kitchen skills that her mom and grandmother passed down to her.

The Media Bombardment to Eat Junk

Not only are we bombarded with slick TV ads for the latest junk food promotions, but moms are also bombarded by equally slick TV ads. These come from supermarkets and all kinds of food retailers trying to sell them into the idea of the convenience of their own ready meals.

What happens there is that people are suckered into believing that this is a healthy option to freshly prepared and cooked meals without all the time spent in the kitchen, leaving mom to get on with other more important things. Things such as watching ever more TV and being exposed to the continual barrage of forceful and even aggressive advertising that goes with it.

Body Maintenance

If you want to enjoy good health and maintain a healthy body weight with excellent fitness for dancing, you have to look past all the ads that try and push the convenience angle of eating processed foods and get back to eating the way we as human beings were built to eat. That consists of a combination of fresh, raw and cooked foods ranging from meats, fish and poultry, to vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and grains.

Of course if you choose to be vegetarian, then meats are off the menu but you can still maintain perfect health without eating meat. There are plenty of alternative sources of proteins such as nuts, whey products, eggs etc.

The trick is to balance your diet to include foods that provide carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats and dietary fiber. These in combination will provide all the nutrients your body needs for normal, healthy functioning while enabling you to exercise to boost your metabolism and gain muscle strength which in turn helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

A diet consisting mostly of high fat, high carb junk foods will slow down your metabolism and make you lethargic, unwilling to exercise and feeling tired all the time, which leads to weight gain and a downward spiral into obesity. On the other hand, eating a balanced, healthy diet consisting of fresh ingredients will give you strength and energy to enable to you feel good and more like being active and practicing ballet dance disciplines for longer and with better results.

This promotes alertness, vigor and eagerness to exercise which improves your overall health and helps maintain a healthy body weight and shape. The choice is yours, so make the sensible choice and choose to eat healthily.

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